Wayment. Joseline Hernandez Is Pregnant by Young Dro, Not Stevie J?


The word on the curb is that the alleged baby that Joseline Hernandez is supposedly carrying may not be Stevie J’s, but Young Dro’s instead.

We’ve been questioning the legitimacy of Joseline’s pregnancy ever since she posted that photo of her semi-swollen gut on Instagram last month, but if there really is a baby in there, rumors are circulating that Stevie J is not the father.

So, if Stevie J ain’t the daddy … who is? Apparently, it’s Atlanta rapper Young Dro.

Not too long after Joseline announced that she and Stevie J were “separated,” she was spotted out with Young Dro.

Joseline Hernandez & Young Dro (May 2016)
Joseline Hernandez & Young Dro (May 2016)
Joseline Hernandez & Young Dro (May 2016)
Joseline Hernandez & Young Dro (May 2016)


A video posted by Young Dro (@dropolo) on


A video posted by Young Dro (@dropolo) on

In the following video Joseline shared on her IG, while welcoming Gucci Mane home from prison, she calls Young Dro “bae.”

#Zone6 #lahhatl #guccimane #atl @dropolo #baddestputa #Dawn #Traphouse #puertoricanprincess #Joselinedro Hot New Single #DropDat

A video posted by Management:JoselineHernandez (@vh1joselinehernandez) on

Joseline and Dro also released a song with another Atlanta rapper, Rocko, called “Girls Gone Wild.” You can listen to it below. Joseline’s verse isn’t half bad.

Now, you could be saying to yourself, “Well, there you have it. They collaborated on a song, and that’s why they were together in the first place. Case closed.” And you could be right, but keep reading before you make that your final answer because the story doesn’t end there.

Around the time Joseline announced her “pregnancy,” Stevie J posted (and deleted) a photo of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” single cover art on his Instagram, as if to say, “the kid isn’t mine.”


As for Young Dro, who made a quick appearance on the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, he hasn’t necessarily confirmed that the baby Joseline is ostensibly carrying is his, but then again, he hasn’t denied it either.

#youngdro speaks on #joseline X #steviej via @jazzymcbee

A video posted by DJ Akademiks (@akademikstv) on

Last week in an interview with ATL’s Streets 94.5, Dro said “no comment” when he was asked about Joseline’s purported pregnancy, but he did speak pretty highly of her. “She’s a great girl,” he said. “We got nice music together and I look forward to having an album with her.”

He added, “Shout out to Joseline and the baby.” Of course, he could be just congratulating his friend on her newfound pregnancy. Or he could be shouting out his newest baby mama.

Who knows? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what goes down tonight when the reunion airs.

Meanwhile, for those of you (us) who are still questioning whether or not Joseline is really pregnant, behold this indisputable Instagram proof via her personal trainer:

Meh. Could be gas. Let us see what that belly looks like in a few weeks.

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Draymond Green Shares NSFW Dick Pic on Snapchat, Continues String of Bad Luck


Draymond Green has not been having a good couple of months. First, he was suspended in the Finals which helped the Cavs come back and win the ‘ship. Then, he got arrested after slapping a college football player. Now, you can add accidentally sharing a dick pic with the world to his woes.

On Sunday, a definitely NSFW photo surfaced on Green’s public stories on his Snapchat account. The picture was obviously meant to be a private message, but as has happened to too many before, he accidentally posted it to his stories instead.

Click the image for the NSFW version

Green quickly tried to play a little damage control by posting the following two tweets.

Eventually, though, Green realized it was best to come clean, telling reporters “he pushed the wrong button” when using the app. “We’re all one click away from placing something in the wrong place,” Green added. “I suffered from that this morning.”

It didn’t take long for reactions to pop up around the internet.

This is the danger of social media and sexting. It’s all fun and games until everyone in the country is Googling images of your dick. Hopefully, things will turn around for Green as he goes down to Rio for the Olympics. Just a word of advice, Draymond. Turn your phone off while you’re in the Olympic Village.

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Watch “Basketball Wives L.A.” Season 5 Episode 4


“Basketball Wives L.A.” Season 5 Episode 4 aired on VH1 Sunday night (Jul. 31).

Angel Brinks’ launch party continues as tensions run high. Later, Duffey gains respect for Malaysia when she arrives in sweatpants to defend Brandi, and Jackie convinces Shaunie and Brandi to meet each other.

Watch “Basketball Wives L.A.” Season 5 Episode 4 Here:

About the show:

Basketball Wives LA follows the lives of a group of women with relationships to some of the biggest basketball players in the game. VH1’s hit series returns for its most explosive season yet.

H.B.I.C. Shaunie O’Neal is back along with longtime Basketball Wives vet Tami Roman. The outspoken Jackie Christie, fun-loving Malaysia Pargo, and fiery Angel Brinks are also returning. Joining the OGs in LA are two feisty newbies — a Dallas DJ named Duffey and sexy southern belle, Angel Love. Both ladies enter the mix with razor-sharp tongues and bossy attitudes that will guarantee more tea and even more shade.

Brandi Maxiell still isn’t too sure about coming back to LA after her all-out explosion with Shaunie in Puerto Rico. Will Brandi have the guts to fly back and risk encountering the Queen Bee once again after she “thanked her for her services”?

Malaysia Pargo is transitioning from her divorce into being a single mom and the challenges of dating. Newbie Duffy tests her friendship and loyalty with long-time friend Brandi Maxiell, and Angel Brinks can’t seem to move on from their past drama.

New Orleans bred and girlfriend of Phoenix player DeJuan Blair, Angel Love is a long-time friend of Angel Brinks. Love has no qualms about speaking her mind. Exposed and vulnerable, will the newbie Love butt heads with the ladies with her “I don’t play by the rules” attitude?

Jackie Christie is finally in good standing with all the women when we kick off the season but can she really contain herself from becoming the constant catalyst for drama? Jackie continues to give us her most amazing and signature antics but will she be able to stay out of trouble with the women for the entire season?

Fresh blood Duffey is new and eager to prove her power in the group but will her attempt to mix business with family prove to be a recipe for disaster?

With Jackie and Doug’s 20th wedding anniversary fast approaching, the couple wants to do it up big in an exotic location on a whole different continent. Will the ladies be able to remain peaceful for the ceremony or will this trip end up in ruins?

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Watch “Power” Season 3 Episode 3: ‘I Got This On Lock’


“Power” Season 3 Episode 3 aired on Starz Sunday night (Jul. 24).

Ghost is presented with a business opportunity that could take his clubs to the next level, but he must outshine devious new rivals, all while looking over his shoulder for Lobos’s revenge. Tommy reunites with Tasha in a business scheme, while he also tries to keep a new drug contact under control and protect his reputation in the streets. And Tasha and Ghost are tested when Tariq crosses a line.

Watch “Power” Season 3 Episode 3 (VIDEO) Here:

About the show:

Season 3 of “Power” finds James St. Patrick as the owner of new nightclubs, out of the drug game, and in a rekindled relationship with his first love, Angela — the AUSA sworn to bring him to justice. But just as they begin to believe James’ past criminal persona of ‘Ghost’ may finally be behind them, both are forced to face the consequences of running from a life from which no one gets away clean.

James’ estranged best friend Tommy has just reunited with his newly returned love, Holly, but he must attempt to not only rebuild Lobos’ devastated drug organization, but to kill Ghost — turning brother against brother. He’s on the verge of having everything he’s ever wanted, but will this new phase of James St. Patrick’s life end before it begins with old sins and the specter of ‘Ghost’ coming back to haunt him?

Be careful what you wish for.

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