33 Times Elf on the Shelf Proved He Can’t Be Trusted at Home Alone

That time he melted the snowman

When he ate the cream filling out of all the Oreos and replaced it with white toothpaste

When he made a mess on the bathroom sink and blamed someone else for it

That time he did naughty things with your toothbrush

That one time he replaced the Christmas stockings with underwear

That time he tried to make sure you have more kids

When he sprayed silly string all over the bathroom

When he got drunk and had a party with Barbie and her friends

That one time he ruined your lawn

When he covered your work truck in wrapping paper

Or when he covered the toilet in wrapping paper

When he tried to climb your Christmas tree and knocked it over

That time he covered the family dog in Christmas lights

That time he thought it would be funny to teepee the Christmas tree

That time he trapped the Grinch in a glass jar

That time he taunted Cookie Monster

When he tortured a carrot

Or when he tortured Frosty the Snowman

When he made his own lemonade

When he drew on the family photos

Or when he replaced all of the family photos with photos of himself

When he stole money from your wallet

Or when he emptied your kid’s piggy bank

When he made his own cocktails

Or when he drunk all your fireball mini bottles and tried to refill them

When he tortured poor Barbie

And held Snow White hostage

That time he tortured Rudolph

That time he set the Gingerbread Man’s house on fire

When he added his own special ingredient to the cookies

When he replaced the toilet paper with duct tape

When he graffitied the wall

And when he got high on his own supply

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