Texas Daycare Workers Fired Over Disturbing Video Showing One of Them Yanking Black Girl By Her Hair

Disturbing video footage showing a daycare worker in Texas yanking a little black girl by her hair has gone viral on social media, and the two women involved have been fired.

The video shows a woman pulling the child by her hair as the little girl dozes in and out of sleep at the lunch table.

“Stand up!” the woman yells, forcing the child upright, as another woman behind the camera giggles.

“Olivia, what are you doing on the floor?” the woman says to another child who looks drowsy and out of it. “She ugly too,” the camerawoman says.

“No ma’am. Eat your food!” the woman yells at the first child as she yanks her by her ponytail.

Police in Lubbock, Texas said they were notified about the video on Thursday and immediately went to the daycare to investigate.

“The Lubbock Police Department was made aware of a video circulating Facebook involving a young child at a daycare in the 3600 block of 50th Street,” the department wrote in a statement (via KAMC News). “Once the video was brought to LPD’s attention, officers responded to the business to investigate. Through the investigation, we were able to determine the incident did not occur today, but rather on a previous date. This case remains under investigation.”

Officials said they were still working to find out the exact date the incident actually occurred.

LaQuitta Wilson, the mother of the 3-year-old girl in the video, told KAMC News she found out about the disturbing incident the same time the public did.

Video footage showing the incident was first posted online Thursday, but multiple parents, including Wilson, said it happened weeks ago. Wilson, who was understandably outraged, said she was never contacted by the daycare.

“She was physically abused by an adult and someone that we paid to place for her safety,” Wilson told the station. “They had no apology. They had no reason. They did not call me. Like I said, everything hit the fan and it’s like they just had nothing to say.”

Amyra Wilson’s family said she’s doing OK, but they’re far from satisfied with how the daycare handled the situation, and they’re considering legal action.

“We want any legal action that can happen, any legal action that happened to her, like jail time,” said the child’s father, Martreal Walker.

The daycare center, My Little Playhouse Learning Center, addressed the incident in a statement on Friday and confirmed that the employees involved “were immediately fired” after the owners were alerted to the video.

A daycare employee confirmed that the two employees involved in the video had been terminated, but also noted that one had already been previously fired for another incident and had recently been rehired.

Authorities didn’t identify any of the workers involved, however, social media users uncovered a woman on Facebook by the name of “Kay Kae Rangel” who appears to be one of the fired employees and resembles the woman in the video grabbing the girl by her ponytail.

Rangel said in a post on Facebook that the other worker was the one who posted the video and she was terminated because of a separate incident involving another child.

“The daycare did NOT post it, MacKenzie did and was fired,” Rangel wrote, according to the Atlanta Black Star. “Now [she] wanna post it. She got fired for kicking a kid in the face, which is the owner’s grandson. She is big mad.”

Rangel added: “The lil girl was falling [asleep], putting her whole face in her food. I washed her face, took her chair and she continued, so I was clearly holding her chongo (the Spanish word for bun/hairstyle). That bitch (Mackenzie) just wants attention.”

According to KAMC News, a group of concerned parents gathered outside My Little Playhouse Learning Center in response to the disturbing incident.

The child’s grandmother spoke to a news reporter and said she was furious about the whole thing.

“This little girl, she is the sweetest little girl that you could ever know. So, for her to sit there and just pull on her hair, it’s very infuriating,” Shanna Walker said. “I mean, I’m standing here right now, feeling like I’m about to boil over.”

According to the website for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, the daycare center has had 19 violations since 2016, ranging from safety violations to lack of employee training to nutrition and food care.

As of Friday (Jan. 18), My Little Playhouse was still open for business.

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Former Arizona State Basketball Star Jermaine Marshall Dead at 28

Jermaine Marshall, a former college basketball star who also played briefly for the NBA, has died at 28 years old.

Marshall’s French professional team announced sad the news Friday (Jan. 18). He was reportedly found dead in his apartment, however, his cause of death has not been released, according to TMZ Sports.

Marshall, a native of Pennsylvania, played three seasons with Penn State before transferring to Arizona State University for his senior year. Averaging at least 15 points a game, he played a major role in the Sun Devils’ NCCA tournament run in 2014.

“He gave us so many big buckets en route to the 2014 NCAA Tournament,” ASU said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Jermaine Marshall.”

Marshall was briefly a part of the Houston Rockets during the 2014-15 season before moving to Europe to play professionally. He most recently played for the Hermine Nantes Basket in France.

According to a team video posted in September 2018, Marshall also played in Finland and Holland.

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Mugshot Madness: Man Arrested After Throwing Hot Coffee on Teen McDonald’s Employee

A South Carolina man who police say threw a cup of hot coffee at a teenage McDonald’s employee because he was mad about his order taking too long turned himself into police nearly a month after the incident.

Police said Joshua Emery Noel had a warrant for his arrest issued on January 11th for second-degree assault and battery after surveillance video of him throwing coffee at the 16-year-old employee was released.

According to an incident report, Noel asked for a large fry because he was irritated about having to wait for his original order. The worker said Noel asked to see a manager and then became upset at her, saying that she rolled her eyes at him.

Noel then motioned for her to re-open the drive-thru window, and when she did, he threw a cup of hot coffee in her face. The teen’s mother said she suffered first-degree burns as a result of the incident and has since healed.

Noel surrendered to police on Wednesday (Jan. 16) and admitted to throwing coffee on the teen employee. The incident reportedly happened on December 21st.

Noel was booked and later released on $7,500 bond.

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Spartanburg High School Football Player Nick Dixon Dies Unexpectedly Day After College Commitment

A South Carolina community is in mourning after a popular high school football player died unexpectedly during surgery.

According to WSPA 7 News, 18-year-old Nick Dixon—a senior at Spartanburg High School and the school’s football captain—died Friday afternoon (Jan. 11) at Spartanburg Medical Center after experiencing complications during an ACLA and meniscus surgery.

Superintendent Dr. Russell Booker said Dixon passed away less than 24 hours after he verbally committed to attend Wingate University and play defensive line or linebacker for the Bulldogs.

“You can tell a lot about our young people with what they post on social media and if you take some time and look at his, all you will find is him encouraging different people,” Dr. Booker told WSPA.

“His last post – he posted something that said ‘not done yet.’ The was encouraging somebody back in November where he says ‘God always has a plan.’ I want all of us to take heart in Nick’s words that God always has a plan.”

Dixon’s last game was the Shrine Bowl, in which players from South Carolina and North Carolina play against each other in an all-star setting. “Which means he was one of the most elite athletes in his position,” Booker said.

Dixon played linebacker, defensive line and running back for Spartanburg H.S. According to his 247Sports profile, in addition to Wingate, Dixon also had scholarship offers from Georgia State, The Citadel and North Greenville College.

“I can’t begin to tell you how heartbroken we are at the loss of one of our beloved students, Mr. Nick Dixon,” read a post on the Spartanburg football Facebook page Friday. “He died unexpectedly this afternoon during surgery. Nick was most recently honored to play in the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas. What an awesome young man gone too soon!”

Family friend Primes Woodruff said of Dixon: “He had a very bright personality. Had a really, really big heart.”

Woodruff added: “He took to this community so strongly – not just as an athlete but the pride he found in this community. It’s always a shock to people when someone so young and so vibrant loses their life.”

A candlelight vigil will be held in honor of Dixon’s memory Sunday at 6 p.m. on Spartanburg’s football field, Fox Carolina reported. He’ll also be honored by Wingate with a jersey brought to the school for National Signing Day ceremonies.

“I’m broken hearted that I’m not going to shake his hand in May and give him that diploma,” said Dr. Booker. “As we have two thousand students coming to school on Monday they’re going to be heartbroken.”

A GoFundMe has been created to help his family with funeral costs. Click Here to donate.

“As time is of the essence, every donation from the least to the greatest would be greatly appreciated,” a message from Dixon’s family read. “Thank you for all your prayers and support during this time of bereavement.”

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Juelz Santana Marries Kimbella Ahead of 27-Month Federal Prison Sentence

Love & Hip Hop New York star Juelz Santana and his longtime girlfriend and fellow LHHNY castmate Kimbella Vanderhee are officially husband and wife.

The reality couple tied the knot Thursday (Jan. 10) in a private wedding ceremony in New York in front of celebrity friends such as Jim Jones, Cam’ron, Maino, Joe Budden, Lil Kim, Freekey Zekey, and others.

Juelz and Kimbella have been together for at least a decade and share two children together: 8-year-old son Juelz Santana James and 6-year-old daughter Bella Monroe James.

Santana and Vanderhee were engaged in November 2018 after he dropped down on one knee and proposed to her at the Apollo Theater while performing with his Dipset group members for the release of their Diplomatic Ties album.

“This my lady. She’s been rocking with me for a long, long time,” Santana said in front of the crowd before pulling out the ring. “She stuck it out with a n***a through the ups and downs. I love you, baby. You’re my queen and I want to do this in front of everybody right here.”

The couple’s wedding comes not too long after Santana was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison for a weapons charge stemming in December stemming from a March 2018 incident when he attempted to bring a loaded gun in his luggage through the Newark Liberty International Airport. The rapper evaded airport police before turning himself in a few days later.

In August, in a federal court in Newark, New Jersey, Santana pleaded guilty to weapons possession by a convicted felon and carrying a weapon on an aircraft.

The rapper addressed his airport debacle on an episode of LHHNY, claiming the incident was the result of him being high on Percocet, which he says he got addicted to after being prescribed painkillers following a number of dental procedures. “I found out there was a gun in my bag on the radio like everybody else. I would never knowingly bring a gun to the airport,” Santana said.

The date of the start of his prison sentence remains unknown, but we can imagine it’s coming up soon, which explains the quickie wedding. It’s also safe to assume LHHNY cameras were there to document the ceremony for an upcoming episode.

News of Juelz and Kimbella’s wedding drew reactions from fans who said the rapper only married her because he’s going to prison.

“Why do all these lhh negroes get married right before they go to jail??? When he was free and not facing jail time, why couldn’t y’all get married then??” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“That was fast! So sad he had to wait till he thought he was going to jail to propose even dough she’s happy he looks miserable like wtf did I just do ?????,” commented another.

Another fan commented: “And all it took was 3 kids, 15 years of shacking up, 2 domestic violence arrests, 5 missing teeth, a little bit of coke and a pending 2 year bid for him to finally marry her…”

One fan, however, congratulated the couple and blasted naysayers judging the pair’s situation: “Awww, Finally they getting marry for long long time, I am very very happy for them. Everybody commenting is miserable and ya’ll don’t know what goes on in their household. Wishing them best luck health, happiness and future. ??????????.”

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Lil Uzi Vert Says He’s Quitting Music: “I’m Done … I Deleted Everything”

Lil Uzi Vert shocked fans Friday (Jan. 11) when he announced via his Instagram Story that he’s “done with music.”

The 24-year-old rapper was expected to release his sophomore studio album, Eternal Atake, sometime in 2019 and had been teasing the project for a minute, sharing singles, snippets and visuals.

He said at a concert in December that he had finally completed the record and his fans were looking forward to it. The album even had a cover, rumored tracklist and was being promoted by its first single “New Patek.”

However, Uzi’s apparently not planning to release the project anymore as he claims to be quitting music cold turkey. The “XO Tour Lif3” rapper posted on his Instagram Story Friday night:

“I wanna take the time out to say I thank each and every one of my [supporters] but I’m done with music. I deleted everything. I wanna be normal … I wanna wake up in 2013.”

Lil Uzi Vert (born: Symere Woods) started rapping in the 10th grade when he was 16 years old, and said in an interview that he was a “regular kid” who “didn’t really wanna rap.”

Within a few years, after the release of his first major mixtape The Real Uzi in 2014, he signed a record deal with Atlantic Records, and the rest, as they say, was history.

Uzi saying he wants to wake up in 2013 is a reference to the time right before he made it big—before the fame and fortune, before he was a household name, etc. As he put it, he wants to be “normal.”

He also made it a point to mention that he “deleted everything,” meaning that if he were to release any new music, he would have to start all the way over.

Needless to say, his fans aren’t taking the news well at all:

Meanwhile, some people are saying he’s bluffing and doing this for publicity:

While it remains to be seen if Lil Uzi Vert is really quitting music or if he’s just going through something and venting, or if this is all a publicity stunt to promote his next album … it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

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R. Kelly Reportedly Having Panic Attacks Over “Surviving R. Kelly” Lifetime Documentary

Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary series is reportedly taking a toll on R. Kelly, TMZ reports.

According to the gossip site, the singer-songwriter has been so stressed out about the whole situation that he’s been suffering from severe panic attacks, which started in the days leading up to the 6-episode series airing last week and has continued even afterward. TMZ reported that one attack was so serious that he had to seek treatment at a hospital.

“Surviving R. Kelly” documented in great detail a number of allegations that have plagued Kelly’s career over the years, most notably accusations that he’s holding women hostage in a “sex cult”-like operation. In the six-hour series, multiple women allege that they were subjected to mental, physical and sexual abuse by the singer, all things Kelly has so far vehemently denied.

The documentary also briefly talked about his illegal relationship with Aaliyah when she was a teenager that resulted in a short-lived marriage and allegations of a pregnancy.

For the past few weeks, celebrities have been condemning Kelly’s supposed actions as they’re presented in the docuseries, with John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Chance the Rapper, Joyner Lucas, and many others weighing in on the controversy online.

Lady Gaga—who collaborated with Kelly for the 2013 song “Do What U Want”—denounced her work with the singer on Wednesday (Jan. 9), calling Kelly’s alleged misconduct “absolutely horrifying and indefensible” and saying that she would never work with him again.

Gaga also apologized for displaying “poor judgment when I was young and not speaking out sooner.” and pledged to remove the song from iTunes and other streaming platforms.

According to TMZ, Kelly’s panic attacks are triggered by the backlash he’s been getting from celebs and the general public. “He’s shocked how the tables have turned … with most people now believing his accusers,” the gossip site reported. The singer’s condition is so bad that it’s caused him to have to receive house calls from doctors, TMZ says.

Meanwhile, police are officially investigating allegations against him in the state of Georgia, but no charges have been filed as of yet, which wouldn’t be the first time police have looked into him.

In fact, “Surviving R. Kelly” alleged that the singer had friends in the police department who would often let him know when they were coming to his house to make wellness checks, and for that reason, he was supposedly able to prepare for their arrival and make everything look like it was OK.

But now that most of the world has seemingly turned on him, Kellz is “feeling the heat,” as TMZ said, and he’s not taking it well.

This past Wednesday night, the “Ignition” singer held a birthday party for himself as a way of making it seem like he was “unfazed” by the allegations and sources close to him say that he still doesn’t believe he’s done anything wrong.

The sources said the party was simply a way for him to get out of the house and a way to prove to people that he’s not hiding. Still, the public outrage is definitely getting to him, sources said.

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This Viral Photo of Unseasoned Chicken Will Give You Nightmares

It’s 2019 and (some) white people still don’t understand that food needs to be seasoned. ESPECIALLY CHICKEN.

Case in point:

28-year-old Cori Healey of Baltimore, MD posted the above photo on Twitter, and it instantly went viral … for very obvious reasons.

“The questionable cutlets belong to Cori’s boyfriend’s roommate, Steve,” BuzzFeed reported.

In case you’re unaware, THIS is what properly seasoned baked chicken is supposed to look like:

“I am DISTRAUGHT,” Healey said in a follow-up tweet. “Pray for him.”

“We were all cooking food in the kitchen and I opened the oven to check on food on the top rack and then saw the chicken,” Cori explained to BuzzFeed.

“I immediately grabbed my phone, took a picture, looked at my boyfriend and said ‘want to see a viral tweet?’ knowing Twitter would have a FIELD DAY with these unseasoned cutlets.”

And, as Cori astutely predicted, Twitter had one helluva field day:

According to BuzzFeed, Cori kinda sorta confirmed our suspicions, clarifying that “he’s half white, so people are half right there.”

She also tweeted that the media attention that she’s getting is “out of control.”

But she did enjoy the fact that a local CBS news station didn’t censor her vulgar Twitter handle.

Anyhow… Hopefully, her boyfriend’s roommate has learned his lesson and in the future will treat chicken with the respect that it deserves.

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Mathew Knowles Explains How He Protected Beyoncé & Destiny’s Child From R. Kelly

Mathew Knowles played absolutely ZERO games when it came to protecting his daughter and her bandmates from alleged sexual predator R. Kelly.

In an interview with the UK newspaper Metro, Knowles revealed the steps he and his wife at the time, Tina Knowles, took to ensure that Destiny’s Child was safe around R. Kelly in the mid-1990s when the allegations of his sexual misconduct first surfaced.

Knowles—who managed Destiny’s Child—said Kelly submitted a song for the group’s debut album, but he turned it down because it wasn’t good enough.

He explained: “I was there, and my former wife Tina was there. The thing with R Kelly was, he liked to record late at night, around midnight. And what was different with his studio was that one room had a recording suite, and next door was a club, with 40 or 50 people dancing.”

The 67-year-old father of Beyoncé and Solange continued: “R Kelly was managed by Sony, by someone I won’t name, and at that time, they would almost force you to record with [their] artists. And R Kelly wasn’t cheap – it was $75,000, plus travel costs, so we’re talking $100,000 for a song. I personally rejected the song, because I didn’t think it was a good song. Not just because of [his] reputation – this was around 1998, we had just begun to hear some of those things.”

Asked if the rumors surrounding R. Kelly and his illegal relationship with Aaliyah and rumors of him preying on young girls also played a factor in him rejecting the song, Knowles said: “certainly, it was both of those things.”

In fact, Mathew said this prompted himself and Tina to shield the girls from Kelly by any means necessary. “The girls were 15, 16,” he said. “When they went to the bathroom, Tina would go with them. They did not leave our eyes.”

A source close to Knowles said: “Record labels would ask R Kelly to write songs for emerging artists as a way to help them break into the industry and he made several requests for Destiny’s Child. Mathew and Tina rejected all of them because they didn’t want him anywhere near the band which is why they are one of the few acts to debut in the 90s without an R Kelly song in its official discography.”

The group did, however, end up recording a song written by R. Kelly—the track “Stimulate Me” off the soundtrack for the 1999 movie “Life,” but Knowles said Kelly was NOT allowed in the studio when the Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson recorded it with producer Jermaine Dupri. The source added: “Mathew didn’t want it on any official Destiny’s Child’s albums so it didn’t appear.”

Additionally, Beyoncé never worked with the “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number” songwriter when she became a solo act and she has “always turned him down,” a source revealed. On top of that, in an act of solidarity with his numerous victims, she also blocked any and all efforts of him making money whenever he chose to remix her songs.

Metro’s source continued: “Back in 2008 he released a remix of her single ‘If I Were a Boy.’ The plan was to have it become an official remix as they are both signed to the label but Beyoncé didn’t give it the all clear so it never happened.”

Mathew said he would elaborate further on his experience with R. Kelly in his book Destiny’s Child: The Untold Story, which will be released this summer. Knowles’ remarks come after R. Kelly has fallen under new scrutiny in the wake of the 6-episode Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly.

The “Bump N’ Grind” singer-songwriter has vehemently denied allegations of sexual misconduct, which include allegedly holding women hostage in a sexual cult and sexual relations with girls as young as 14 years old.

The Grammy Award-winning artist was acquitted of child porn charges in June 2008 in Cook County, Illinois. The charges stemmed from an infamous “sex tape” that authorities said showed him engaging in graphic sexual acts (including urination) with a girl who looked to be 13 or 14 years of age.

The singer and the alleged girl in the tape have both said it was not them in the footage, however, the alleged girl’s aunt—R&B singer Sparkle—said that it was definitely her niece and Kelly in the video.

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9-Year-Old Chicago Boy Who Went Missing After School Found Safe

Michael Campbell, a 9-year-old boy from the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago who was reported missing Tuesday night (Jan. 8) after he didn’t return home from school, has been found safe.

According to Chicago police, Campbell was last seen at 3 p.m. when classes ended at Harvard Elementary School, which is about a block away from his home.

Michael’s mother reported him missing that night at 8:30 p.m. and spoke with reporters, pleading for him to return home safely. “Baby, please, please, please come home,” she said.

The boy has since been found safe and was taken to the hospital as a precaution. Police said Michael stayed the night at a friend’s house and was reunited with his family Wednesday morning.

Chicago’s ABC 7 was on the scene as the child was whisked away in his father’s car.

“He said he didn’t come home last night when he went by his friend’s house because there was gunfire and he asked the kid’s mother can he stay and they told him he could stay,” said Chris Campbell, the boy’s father. “He fell asleep after they played video games.”

Police put out a picture of Michael along with a missing person’s alert and his name became a trending topic on social media. While some family members feared the worst, others were hopeful he would be found safe.

“I knew everything was going to be okay,” said Allison Campbell, Michael’s aunt. “I prayed and prayed before I got in my car last night, I prayed.”

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