Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” Remix Featuring DaBaby Has Twitter Divided

Two of 2019’s biggest hip-hop breakout stars, Lizzo and DaBaby, have officially joined forces on the official “Truth Hurts” remix.

As we reported earlier this week, Lizzo teased the collab on Instagram, suggesting DaBaby had something good up his sleeve with the caption: “Why u come fa me like that lmaoooooo.”

“I just took a DNA test, and it told me I’m the realest pretty chocolate n***a out here with some good dick, no cap,” DaBaby raps after Lizzo’s intro.

“And I can have a b**ch from Harvard with a eight-year degree, I probably still would rather pull up with a hood b**ch.”

From there, the Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment CEO talks about how Lizzo’s friends talk trash about him but “still wanna f**k on me too,” and because he feels unappreciated, he wants to “get even,” however, he reconsiders once he realizes “she bigger, I prolly lose in a fight.”

He ends his verse saying he’s still gonna “talk [his] sh*t,” but because he’s “in love with her big fine ass,” he’s gonna “do what she like.”

While some Lizzo fans instantly fell in love with the remix, others decided they could’ve lived without DaBaby’s braggadocious bars.

Peep the reactions below:

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