Charles Barkley Says Kobe Bryant’s NBA Career & Rape Case Are Both Part of His Legacy: “He Had a Flaw That We All Know About”

Following the tragic death of Kobe Bryant that shocked the sports world and the world at large, most people honored his storied legacy in the way they best saw fit.

Murals of the legendary NBA athlete quickly went up across the country, current players made on-the-court gestures to remember the legend, and Bryant became the only player in NBA history to have two numbers retired.

One thing that largely went unmentioned, however, was the alleged 2003 raping of a then 19-year-old woman.

The criminal charges were dropped before ever going to court, but today (Feb. 14), one prominent voice has spoken out saying that the public can’t choose to just brush this questionable history aside.

NBA Hall of Famer and current Inside the NBA host, Charles Barkley, told TODAY: “Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players ever, and he had a flaw that we all know about. You have to tell the picture in totality.”

The message was met with mixed reactions on social media, with some lambasting the sports broadcaster over bringing up a lawsuit that was eventually dropped and others commending him for his words.

Barkley isn’t the first person to bring up this issue as the public continues to mourn the untimely death of Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Giana.

Shortly following the incident, CBS star Gayle King sparked a feud with rapper Snoop Dogg after she discussed the “complicated” legacy in an interview with former WNBA star Lisa Leslie.

Following the interview, Snoop Dogg went after King on an Instagram post, saying: “Why you all attacking us, we your people. You ain’t coming after f**king Harvey Weinstein asking him dumb-ass questions. I get sick of you all.”

However, today, Barkley mirrored King’s views on the late Kobe Bryant.

He admits that he and Bryant were not close, but the news of his passing still hit home and that he “started crying when I got the news. I felt like I had lost a member of my family.”

Despite that, Barkley stands strong on his stance that Bryant needs to be held accountable for the rape allegations that resulted in a payment following a civil lawsuit.

“We’re not trying to make Kobe out to be no hero,” Barkley said. “We’re celebrating his basketball excellence. We understand what happened in Colorado. That’s fair. But two things can be true.”

Charles Barkley Says Kobe Bryant’s NBA Career & Rape Case Are Both Part of His Legacy: “He Had a Flaw That We All Know About” is a post from: Gossip On This – Pop Culture, News & Videos

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