Diddy Reportedly “Shocked” & “Devastated” Over Kim Porter’s Untimely Death at Age 47

Sean “Diddy” Combs is heartbroken over the shocking death of Kim Porter, his ex-girlfriend and mother their four children, People reports.

“Diddy is devastated and shocked,” a source told the magazine. “He and Kim were still very close friends and co-parents even though their romantic relationship didn’t work.”

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Though Diddy and Kim Porter haven’t been together romantically in over a decade, the two of them remained close friends and co-parented four children together.

“They were still a family,” the source added.

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A separate source told Us Weekly that Diddy is “inconsolable” and Kim’s untimely passing has “turned his life upside down.” The source continued, saying of Porter: “She was someone who motivated others to be a better version of themselves. She was a ray of sunshine.”

Porter, a former model and actress, was found dead in her home on Thursday. She was just 47 years old.

According to TMZ, Kim went to bed early Wednesday night because she wasn’t feeling well, and when family members went to her house to wake her up Thursday, she was unresponsive. Police were called to her house around noon and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Though her official cause of death is still undetermined, according to an emergency dispatch call shared by TMZ, the call came in as a cardiac arrest. While it’s still unclear what ultimately caused Porter’s death, a source told the gossip site that she had been suffering flu-like symptoms, possibly pneumonia, for the past several weeks.

At the time of her death, she was being treated with Saline and vitamins, law enforcement sources said. Authorities are also reportedly looking at a recent trip she took to Africa to find out whether she contracted a disease while abroad. A coroner will conduct an autopsy and perform toxicology tests in the coming days.

Kim and Diddy began dating in 1994, and in 1998, the couple welcomed their first child together—son Christian Casey Combs. IN 2006, Porter gave birth to twin girls, D’Lila Star and Jessie James Combs.

Porter was also mother to a 27-year-old son, Quincy Brown, from her previously relationship with 90’s singer Al B. Sure, and Quincy was also considered Diddy’s son. There are rumors that Diddy even adopted Quincy at some point, though he kept his biological father’s last name.

Porter and Combs dated off and on for 13 years before finally calling it quits in 2007, the year after she gave birth to their twin daughters, after he confessed to her that he had fathered another child—his daughter Chance Combs—with another woman while Porter was pregnant. Chance was born five months before the twins.

Despite Combs’ infidelity, he and Porter were able to fix their relationship and remained close friends and co-parents for the sake of their children.

Us Weekly’s source said: “Kim and Diddy didn’t always see eye-to-eye on things, but their love for their children and the deep respect they had for each other trumped any issue they had. They were on very good terms in recent years. She was a ‘ride or die’ and very loyal to Diddy.”

A TMZ report also described a close bond between Combs and Porter:

Sources close to Diddy say he never stopped interacting with Kim, despite breaking up way back in 2007. We’re told their connection went beyond the fact they were co-parenting 3 kids … they genuinely had love and affection for each other.

They celebrated holidays as a family, vacationed together and just hung out … and there was never an extended period where they were at odds with each other.

Perhaps the most telling example of their ongoing union … they never had a formal custody agreement. They accommodated each other’s schedules when it came to the kids — and it always worked.

Diddy also has a son, 24-year-old Justin Combs, with his high school sweetheart, Misa Hylton-Brim, and Us Weekly’s source said Porter treated both Justin and Chance like her own.

“Kim treated all of Diddy’s children like her own — not just the ones they shared — which makes the situation even more devastating,” the insider said. “Diddy values family over everything in his life. He sees his children as an extension of himself. [They are] his proudest achievement, and he has deep connections to them individually.”

Combs previously told People of his exes (including Porter): “I’ve been truly blessed to have some great, incredible relationships that have afforded me these children by these very strong, intelligent, beautiful black women. The mothers of my children [are] my best friends. My hat goes off to them”

Porter told Essence in a separate interview of her relationship with Combs: “You know how when two people go their separate ways, most of the time there’s animosity? It’s not like that with us. Sean and I have this bond, this friendship…”

She continued: “I’m the person he can tell his inner-most thoughts to and he’s that person for me. He still calls me everyday and we talk. There’s no ill feeling or ‘I can’t stand you, I hate you, don’t call.’ There’s none of that. We have children together so that’s just not an option. We’re committed to our children even if we couldn’t commit to each other.”

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New York Man Who Won $343 Million Powerball Jackpot Has Been Playing the Same Numbers for 25 Years

A New York man who has been playing the same numbers for the past two decades finally hit the jackpot.

Robert Bailey—a retired postal worker who lives in Manhattan, NYC—has been faithfully playing the numbers 8, 12, 13, 19, 27 and 4 every week, every year, for the past 25 years, and luck finally struck him when those numbers were drawn on October 27th in the Powerball Lottery.

More via NY Times:

Mr. Bailey said his winning numbers came from a set of digits given to him by a family member about 25 years ago, but wouldn’t elaborate. He said he played every New York State lottery game using those numbers — 8, 12, 13, 19, 27 and 40 — ever since. For the Powerball drawing, he adjusted the 40 to an allowable single digit.

For Mr. Bailey, lightning struck twice: He once won $30,000 on a Take Five ticket.

Mr. Bailey didn’t even watch the live Powerball drawing, he said, but checked the results later after watching college football. He saw the first five numbers match. “When I saw the 4, I just was in shock,” he said. He stayed up all night and barely slept that weekend. It took him so long to come forward, he said, because “I had to see a lawyer and a financial adviser.”

Cheerful, but not exactly forthcoming, Mr. Bailey said he would have avoided the ceremony if he could, except that New York law doesn’t allow lottery winners to hide their identities. A spokesperson with the United States Postal Service said that Mr. Bailey had worked there since 1968, most recently as a machine operator, and retired in 2009. Mr. Bailey said he was single today, “but happy,” and has children, but wouldn’t say how many.

He arrived alone to claim his prize, even if he half-jokingly admitted he might need a bodyguard. Although his life has changed forever, he can’t quit one routine.

Mr. Bailey arrived in Queens clutching a fresh batch of tickets and numbers slips. “I had to play this morning before I came here,” he said. “I’m going to ride this out. I can’t stop now.”

The 67-year-old man split the jackpot with a 51-year-old woman from Redfield, Iowa named Lerynne West, who claimed her prize more than a week ago. Mr. Bailey opted for the lump sum, which, after taxes, amounts to $125,396,690.

Bailey’s plans with the money include getting a house for his mother, traveling and making “good investments,” he said.

He also said he would “give back to Manhattan,” though he didn’t specify how he’d do so, and he said he planned to “take care” of his friend who drove him to the West Harlem Deli to purchase the winning ticket.

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Carmelo Anthony “Parting Ways” With the Houston Rockets After Playing 10 of 13 Regular Season Games

Carmelo Anthony’s brief stint with the Houston Rockets is officially over, the team confirmed Thursday (Nov. 15).

Anthony, a 10-time All-Star forward, will part ways with the team after only playing 10 of 13 regular season games.

“After much internal discussion, the Rockets will be parting ways with Carmelo Anthony and we are working toward a resolution,” Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said in a statement. “Carmelo had a tremendous approach during his time with the Rockets and accepted every role head coach Mike D’Antoni gave him. The fit we envisioned when Carmelo chose to sign with the Rockets has not materialized, therefore we thought it was best to move on as any other outcome would have been unfair to him.”

The news was first reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

Anthony, 34, will remain on the Rockets roster for now, but will not rejoin the team, sources said. “Anthony’s wisest course of action could be exercising patience and allowing changes in league rosters – through trades, injuries, team needs — to create more playing options for him,” Wojnarowski reported.

According to ESPN, the Rockets have no plans to immediately waive Anthony and will continue to allow his reps to survey the marketplace for a new team, which has been an ongoing process in recent days.

Because he signed as a free agent with the Rockets this summer, Anthony isn’t eligible to be traded until after the December 15th trade restriction, so any potential deal with a new team would be at least a month (or more) away.

More via ESPN:

Anthony, 34, left the team last Friday, after the Rockets decided that his role would be minimized and no longer considered him as a part of their plans. D’Antoni has assigned much of Anthony’s playing time to rookie Gary Clark. Anthony had been hopeful to continue with the Rockets, with whom he signed over the summer for the chance to compete for a title.

D’Antoni and Morey have both emphasized that Anthony has fulfilled every obligation and responsibility asked of him since joining the team.

“In the summer, we tried to hit a home run. It didn’t work out,” D’Antoni said Thursday. “He tried everything he could. He was great while he was here. It just didn’t work out for whatever reason. I just thank him for his professionalism. It was good, he tried everything we could to make it work. It just didn’t work out.”

Anthony came off the bench in eight of his 10 games with the Rockets after starting every game of his career until this season.

Asked what was different about Anthony’s role than was initially envisioned, D’Antoni said: “We just had to see how things worked out. It wasn’t conducive to his game.

“He was trying to make the necessary sacrifices, and it wasn’t fair to him as a Hall of Fame player to play in a role that wasn’t good for him,” the coach said. “… We did it, we tried it, both parties wanted it to happen, and it didn’t happen. Now we’re moving on.”

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Kim Porter’s Last Family Outing Was Her Son Quincy’s Movie Premiere (PHOTOS)

Kim Porter tragically passed away at the age of 47 on Thursday, November 15th. She was the ex-girlfriend of Sean “Diddy” Combs, whom she had three children with, and she was also mother to actor/singer Quincy Brown, her son with R&B singer Al B. Sure that Diddy later adopted and raised as his own.

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TMZ reported that Porter’s last public outing with her whole family was the premiere of Quincy’s new movie, the Netflix original film, The Holiday Calendar. A special screening/premiere for the film was held at Netflix’s Headquarters in Los Angeles on October 30th.

Though Kim and Diddy broke up for good in 2007 (after dating off and on for 13 years since 1994), the pair remained close friends and were both on hand to support Quincy’s big night as a family.

The former couple’s children—12-year-old twin daughters Jessie James and D’Lila and 20-year-old son Christian—were also attendance, as well as Diddy’s 24-year-old son Justin Dior Combs (from his relationship with fashion designer Misa Hylton-Brim) and Quincy’s biological father Al. B Sure.

The whole family happily posed alongside Quincy in front of the poster for his new movie, which features Quincy and his co-star, actress Kat Graham.

Though Porter’s official cause of death has not yet been revealed, sources close to the former model told TMZ that she had been sick with flu-like symptoms (possibly pneumonia) for several weeks, which would mean that she was sick at the time of Quincy’s movie premiere, however, you can’t tell just by looking at the photos. Porter looked happy and proud to have her family together, supporting her first-born’s success.

The night of the premiere, Quincy shared a video from Netflix HQ on Instagram, writing in the caption: “Simply Happy! Premiere Night! #TheHolidayCalendar.”

In the video, he calls over his little sisters and mom, saying “I’ve got my fam here.” Porter smiles and throws up the peace sign before saying “Yes! So proud of Quincy.” You can hear her laugh at the end of the clip as Quincy says “I’m happy!”

Instagram Photo

Quincy also posted a photo of him with his mom and sisters as Porter leans in to kiss him on the cheek. He captioned that pic: “The LOVE is right here.”

Instagram Photo

Porter also posted photos of her and her family on Instagram in a gallery that also included individual pics of Quincy with his adopted father, his biological father, and his movie co-stars.

“When the Whole #Qrew shows up for @Quincy screening of NETFLIX Christmas movie HOLIDAY CALENDAR a must see…” she wrote in the caption. “I laughed I cried I got in the holiday spirit but most of all I got to see @quincy live out his Dream #proudmom #blendedfamily #netflixmovies”

Instagram Photo

Check out more photos of Quincy, Kim and their family at the premiere of The Holiday Calendar below:

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Kim Porter’s Kids: Quick Facts You Need to Know & Photos of Her Family

Kim Porter left behind a large family when she passed away at the young age of 47.

According to TMZ, Porter was found dead in her Los Angeles-area home on Thursday (Nov. 15). Although her cause of death was not immediately revealed, she was recently suffering from flu-like symptoms (and possibly pneumonia) and police received a call to her home about a patient in cardiac arrest.

Kim Porter’s untimely death has many wondering about her family—most notably her children with Hip-Hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. You can learn more about Porter’s family below:

Kim Porter and Diddy dated for 13 years and they have four children together, including a son who is not biologically Diddy’s, but was raised by the hip-hop mogul.

Kim Porter pictured with her kids and Diddy in 2015.

Known as a “ladies man,” Diddy has several baby mamas. In fact, he has a total of six children with three different women, including one child who isn’t biologically his, but was raised as his own.

Diddy and Kim Porter dated off and on for 13 years before finally calling it quits for good in 2007 after Kim found out Diddy had gotten another woman pregnant (Sarah Chapman) while she was pregnant with their twin daughters D’Lilah Star and Jessie James (who were born in December 2006).

Porter gave birth to Diddy’s first child, Christian Combs, in 1998. Porter’s oldest son, Quincy Brown, was born in 1991 from her previous relationship with singer Al B. Sure (real name: Albert Brown), however, Diddy took Quincy in and raised him as his own son because Brown wasn’t around.

In fact, Quincy wrote a public letter to his biological father in 2009 and said this:

“I grew up without my father, an irreplaceable force and influence that was absent in my life. I watched other kids enjoy the embrace of theirs, and I searched for a way to reconcile the meaning of my circumstance.

“Albert Brown, also known as ‘Al B Sure!’ is my biological father, but Sean Combs, also known as ‘Diddy’ has been a father figure in my life for as long as I can remember. Sean Combs is the person whom I look up to and appreciate as a father. He is the one who [helped] mold me into the person I am today and [I] will always try to live up to his expectations. He has always been supportive of me and I will forever love and respect him.

“As far as my biological father goes, the ‘spitting image’ is all I have taken from him. Throughout my life, I’ve always wondered about him; Where [was he]? What was he doing? And most importantly, was he even thinking about me? The absence of my father has given me a better understanding of what type of man I am going to be. I am grateful for my mom’s love, support, guidance, and for her strength.”

Christian Combs is a model and a rapper just like his mother and father.

Christian Combs is following in the footsteps of both mom and dad, as he is a model (like his mother) and a rapper (like his father).

Combs, who is signed with IMG models, has shot modeling campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana and recently appeared in Tommy Hilfiger’s spring 2018 Tommy Jeans campaign. Combs also models for his father’s fashion line Sean John.

Instagram Photo

“I feel blessed to be a part of it,” he told Essence about modeling for his dad’s fashion brand. “To see it come from when I was a baby to where it is now, I’ve seen my dad put in so much work and it’s just great to be a part of this history. When I was younger, I didn’t take it as serious because it was just something that was a part of my life. I didn’t know how great it was to have a clothing line like this. But now, to look back on it and to see all the campaigns I used to do and the history that I was a part of… it’s super dope.”

In addition to his modeling career, Combs has also released music via his famous father’s record label, Bad Boy Records. Under the rap name “King Combs,” he released his first official single “Love You Better” featuring Chris Brown in February 2018. The song samples Case’s “Touch Me, Tease Me” and the video is a recreation of The Notorious B.I.G.’s “One More Chance” video.

When asked about balancing his modeling and rapping careers, Combs told Billboard: “I’m in the studio all the time and you know, the modeling stuff is like having one car you go and drive once in awhile, but it’s not like an everyday thing for me right now. Music is really an everyday thing.”

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Diddy’s Ex & Mother of Kids Kim Porter Dead at 47

Kim Porter, a former model and actress who dated Diddy for 13 years, was found Thursday (Nov. 15) at her home in Los Angeles, according to a breaking news report from TMZ. She was 47 years old.

Diddy’s rep Cindi Berger tells confirmed the news, saying in a statement: “Sadly, I can confirm the passing of Kim Porter. I ask that you give the families privacy at this time.”

Police received a call to Porter’s Toluca Lake home around noon PST about a patient in cardiac arrest. Sources close to Kim say she had been suffering flu-like symptoms, and possibly pneumonia, for several weeks, but isn’t clear exactly what caused her death. Another source said Kim called her doctor yesterday complaining that symptoms were persistent and she hadn’t gotten any better.

Diddy and Kim’s off-and-on relationship lasted more than a decade. The couple started dating in 1994 and broke up for the last time in 2007. Their relationship resulted in the birth of three children—twin girls Jesse James and D’Lila (2006) and their son Christian Combs (1998). Kim also has a son, 27-year-old Quincy Brown, from her previous relationship with singer Al B. Sure.

Although she was most famous for her relationship with Diddy, Porter also worked as both a model and actress, and even made appearances on Diddy’s TV show “I Want to Work for Diddy.”

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“His Neck Is Still At Large”: Wide Neck Man’s Viral Mugshot Sparks Hilarious Roasting Session

A Florida man’s mugshot has gone viral on social media, and a full-on roasting session is going on in the comments of the original post shared by police.

On Tuesday, November 13th, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office shared the mugshot of a man who had been arrested for running from police.

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31-year-old Charles Dion McDowell was also charged with a number of other crimes, including possession of meth with intent to sell/manufacture/deliver, possession of cocaine with intent to sell, manufacture/deliver Schedule II, Possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug equipment.

He’s being held on $57,000 bond.

The post quickly went viral once people noticed something odd about the man’s neck—IT’S HUGE! (FYI: At the time this article was published, the post had more than 230K shares and nearly 250K comments.)

And the jokes haven’t stopped flowing ever since. “His neck is still at LARGE!!!” and “Dude up to his neck in charges” are just some of the highlights.

Check out more hilarious comments below:

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Roy Clark, Country Music Legend, Dead at 85

Roy Clark, the legendary country music singer and host of the country music variety show “Hee Haw,” has died at the age of 85, TMZ reports.

A rep for the Grammy Award-winning singer confirmed that Clark passed away Thursday morning (Nov. 15) at his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As for Clark’s cause of death, his rep said he had recently gotten sick with pneumonia and ultimately passed due to complications from the illness.

Clark was one of the first artists to land singles on both the pop and country charts … and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2009. Roy played the guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica and many other instruments.

Roy Clark—who played the guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica and many other instruments—held the honor of being one of the first artists in music history to land singles on both the pop and the country charts. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2009.

Clark’s country music variety show “Hee Haw” aired for 24 years, making it one of the longest syndicated TV shows in history. Clark often had musical guests on the show, including Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks and Loretta Lynn, just to name a few.

Roy Clark is survived by his wife of 61 years, Barbara, and their five children. According to TMZ, there will be a memorial to honor him in Tulsa, where Roy has lived since 1974, in the coming days.

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Warriors Player Says There’s No Way Kevin Durant is Coming Back Next Season After Draymond Green Fight

At the conclusion of the 2018-2019 NBA season, Kevin Durant is expected to opt out of his contract next summer and become a free agent.

Earlier this week, he got into a pretty bad verbal altercation with teammate Draymond Green during and after Monday night’s (Nov. 12) overtime loss to the L.A. Clippers. Now, at least one of Durant’s teammates are saying that he probably won’t be coming back next season.

We’re sure you’re already aware of went down, but in case you’re not or need a refresher, here’s a quick recap:

  • Draymond Green fudged up the final possession of regulation against the Clippers Monday night by choosing not to pass Durant the ball, instead trying to do it all himself and fumbling the ball away, causing the Warriors to not get a shot off, which could have put them up at least 2-3 points over the Clippers and they would have won the game (instead of going into OT).
  • Before OT, Kevin and Draymond yelled at each other, with their fellow teammates trying to act as mediators. After the game, which ended in a 121-116 loss (their second defeat in the last three games), Green’s teammates loudly confronted him for his decision-making on the final play of regulation in what was described as one of the most intense exchanges of the Golden State Era.
  • At one point, Green also reportedly called Durant a “bitch” and is said to have challenged him about his impending free agency, saying that Durant was making the season about himself with how he’s handled the situation.

Now, with that said, you may be asking yourself, where does that leave the Warriors? Apparently, they aren’t in a good space, as one anonymous teammate told Marcus Thompson of The Athletic:

“With what was said, there is already no way Durant is coming back. The only hope is that they can say this summer, ‘See, KD. We’ve got your back. We protected you from Draymond.’”

Which explains why the Warriors suspended Green with no pay in last night’s game against home game the Hawks, instead of simply fining him. The Warriors wanted Draymond to be punished publicly, not just internally, to show KD they have his back.

For what it’s worth, this is far from the first time Kevin Durant and Draymond Green have had on-court issues. Green yelled at a nearly silent Durant in a January 2017 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, and the two got into another back-and-forth a month later in a loss to the Sacramento Kings. Green was also spotted yelling at Durant in the 2018 Playoffs in Game 7 against the Rockets—even though the turnover was his fault.

Durant has said before that he doesn’t get mad with Green when he acts like this, so the latest exchange likely won’t lead to any long-standing chemistry issues with the (currently) best team in the league for two straight seasons.

Hopefully, everyone on the team is at least professional enough to put all of this aside so that they can bring home their fourth championship trophy in the past five seasons (their third straight).

The real challenge at this point, though, would be for Steve Kerr and everyone else to remain focused and keep their eyes on the prize—the coveted Larry O’Brien trophy—and not all the distractions. So, if they’re smart (which, they are, despite their internal beefs) they will keep downplaying what happened, like Coach Kerr:

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Oh, She a Freak Freak! Jill Scott “Rocks the Mic” During Performance (VIDEO)

Jill Scott became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter Tuesday (Nov. 3) after a video of one of her concerts surfaced online showing her “rocking the mic” (i.e. simulating oral sex on a microphone).

The NSFW performance sparked endless reactions and memes on Twitter, and even Questlove responded to all the shocked prudes, making fun of “Jill Scott newbies” who didn’t know that many of Scott’s songs are sexually explicit. “Y’all thought she was incense and sandals huh?” he wrote.

Scott also responded to the reactions, tweeting: “I sing/act out all kinds of stories. You should cum (Ed. note: LOL!) to my shows. After a Jill Scott show, most people get splendidly laid by whoever they came with #iftheydontFitUP #stopfrontinusuckdicktoo.”

She added: “They usually go on 2happier, more productive, focused, wealthy lives.”

Scott returned to Twitter Wednesday morning to clear up a few more things about the video.

“I don’t know who tweeted that snippet but they didn’t capture the point,” she wrote. “There’s good intention in everything I do, particularly for couples. I’ve BEEN me baby. ALL of me. Check the discography. Peace.”

From fans planning to dress up as microphone’s at the singer’s next show, to references to her role as Sheila in Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married?” film franchise, look below for the hilarious Twitter reactions:

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