Kevin McCall Arrested for Sleeping on a Bench, Rips Up Citation Ticket in Sheriff’s Department Parking Lot

Kevin McCall had an interesting night. The singer/songwriter says he was arrested for trespassing after sleeping on a bench.

As he was walking out of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday morning (Sept. 10), McCall took to Instagram to tell his followers about the ordeal.

He had been arrested in the desert city of Twentynine Palms (29 Palms), a secluded town in San Bernardino County, California after he was caught sleeping outside on a bench on Monday night.

“Man, all praises to the most high. Tryin’ to get a n*gga for trespassing for falling asleep outside yesterday. Some weird sh*t man. I’m not even bothered,” he said in a video clip he posted on Instagram.

In a follow-up clip, he took his citation and ripped it with his teeth while walking out of the sheriff’s department.

“Oh, yeah, and to the crackers who gave me this, this is what I think of the ticket…I’m not black, I’m a Moor. I don’t deal with y’all bullsh*t. I got a whole new government [and] laws of the land I follow.”

He also had a few written words for the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department. With an image of the ticket, he wrote:

“San Bernadino Sheriffs Deperment you craccers May wanna start prepping yourself to be BRUTALLY sodomized for not following the proper protocol when faley detaining a BLACC NATIVE sovereign…the Meek shall inherit the Earth.”

According to reports, McCall also documented the odd journey that led to his arrest. He shared several clips of himself walking the streets of 29 Palms on Monday night. He then found a bench and decided to take a nap.

“How many n*ggaz can sleep on a baccwoods ‘satchel’ and the next morning be with more than quite a few of you’s all favorite actress model,” he wrote on one of the clips.

No further details about McCall’s arrest have been released. But soon after he left the sheriff’s office, he was back on the Gram and walking the San Bernardino desert streets.

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Diddy & Lori Harvey Spark Pregnancy Rumors As Unconfirmed Couple Take Romantic Vacation in Mexico

Diddy and Lori Harvey have now reached the baby bump watch stage of their rumored relationship.

Paparazzi photos of the two surfaced online earlier this week as they vacationed together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexica.

Diddy is seen rubbing Harvey’s belly in several of the shots, which sparked speculation that she may be pregnant.

Harvey added to the rumors as she also rubbed her stomach while smiling. However, her loose blouse covered any possible baby bump.

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TSR STAFF: Tanya P.! @tanyaxpayne _____________________________ #TSRExclusive: #Roommates, y’all know we keep our ears to the streets and this time it’s no different. There’s been rumbling that #Diddy and his boo #LoriHarvey have split, but we can confirm the pair are going strong! _________________________ In fact, they took a quick baecation trip to Cabo for some fun in the sun. Though we can’t confirm if family and friends are joining them on the trip, we DID see Diddy was caught rubbing on Lori’s belly…. 🧐👀 ________________________ Maybe that’s just how they show affection, orrrr you know what nevermind. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Anyway, the pair are happy & look to be enjoying each other’s company. SWIPE through and sip away #Roommates! (📸: Backgrid)

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Though they have yet to confirm their relationship, a source tells E! News Diddy, 49, and Harvey, 22, “were not shy with PDA.”

“They held hands and he always had his arm around her as they walked through the property. They were giggling together and whispering in each other’s ears. They looked totally in love.”

The source also added a few details of the unofficial couple’s romantic getaway.

“Diddy and Lori spent the weekend at One and Only Palmilla in Cabo. They looked very happy being on vacation together and had a great stay. They swam together in the pool and wrapped their arms around each other to kiss. They had a candlelit dinner overlooking the beach. Everything was very romantic and perfectly set up for them by the hotel staff. They went all out with rose petals and lots of champagne.”

Diddy and Harvey—Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter—have been spending all summer together. Last month, they were in Italy vacationing with Lori’s mother Marjorie and stepfather.

The two are also headed to Atlanta for Diddy’s Revolt Music Conference later this week.

The hip hop mogul and Lori sparked romance rumors back in July when they were spotted together taking a midnight stroll in NYC.

However, they were first suspiciously photographed together in March, one month after Lori had been romantically linked to Diddy’s 25-year-old son, Justin Combs. Diddy and Lori have faced heavy backlash for their summer fling.

As for the baby rumors, Lori attempted to shut them down by posting several photos featuring her flat stomach.

“Green juice every day keeps your skin clear and tummy flat. Kreaton juice sponsor me!” she added on her Instagram story, emphasis on flat tummy.

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Christian Dior Denim 🌊

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Britney Taylor: Meet Antonio Brown’s Former Trainer Accusing Him of Rape in Lawsuit

Britney Taylor was named as the woman in the lawsuit accusing Antonio Brown of rape.

Taylor, 28, who used to work directly with New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown as his personal trainer, recently filed a lawsuit naming three separate instances in which she says Brown sexually assaulted her, even at one point forcing sexual intercourse.

RELATED: Antonio Brown’s Former Personal Trainer Accuses Him of Rape, NFL Player Denies Allegations

Brown, 31, denies the allegations, saying in a statement that he will “pursue all legal remedies to not only clear his name, but to also protect other professional athletes against false accusations.”

Here’s everything you need to know about Britney Taylor and her lawsuit against Antonio Brown.

Britney Taylor says Antonio Brown sexually assaulted her on three separate occasions between 2017 and 2018.

Britney Taylor, who was hired as a personal trainer for Antonio Brown, states in her lawsuit that Antonio Brown exposed himself to her during two separate training sessions in 2017 before raping her during a third instance of sexual assault in 2018.

The first time it happened, Taylor claims the NFL star “exposed himself” to her and “kissed her without her consent.”

A month later, Taylor claims while she was alone with Brown at his house, the All-Pro athlete masturbated and ejaculated on her back while she was watching a video on her iPad.

She said she’d realized what happened after she “felt a wet spot soak through her clothing.”

And then in May 2018, Taylor said Brown forced her down onto a bed, “pushed her face into the mattress, and forcibly raped her.”

While she repeatedly shouted “‘no’ and ‘stop,’ Brown refused and penetrated her,” the lawsuit states, adding that Taylor tried to escape Brown’s hold, but he “was too strong and physically overpowered her.”

The lawsuit stated that Taylor has been “severely traumatized” by the incidents and she “has suffered near-daily panic attacks and suicidal ideations.”

Taylor says Brown sent her “astonishingly profane and angry text messages” after the second incident, in which he masturbated on her back while she watched a “religious video” on her iPad.

After the second instance of sexual assault, when Brown allegedly ejaculated on Taylor’s back without her knowledge, Taylor said Brown sent her a number of “astonishingly profane and angry text messages” bragging about the incident to her.

In one message, he stated that he “[jacked] his d**k on [her] back” and was going to show a mutual college friend a video of the incident and laugh with them about it.

According to the lawsuit:

In late June 2017 … during another training visit, Brown and Ms. Taylor were watching a church service on Ms. Taylor’s iPad in Brown’s home in Miami, Florida. As they had during their college Christian fellowship days, they often read scriptures, prayed or watched services together during training visits.

On this occasion, Brown was behind Ms. Taylor as they watched the service on her tablet. Unbeknownst to Ms. Taylor, while she was focused on the religious video, Brown began masturbating behind her. Before she knew it or understood what was happening, Brown ejaculated on her.

Specifically, Ms. Taylor felt a wet spot on her back and then suddenly realized what had happened. Thoroughly disgusted, Ms. Taylor exclaimed, “Ewww!” Brown, unfazed by her reaction, jokingly responded, “oh ‘B’…you know, I’m sorry” and then left the room.

Ms. Taylor was dismayed, confused and embarrassed. She called her mother, who advised her to immediately leave.

She also confided in Brown’s chef, whom she had befriended, about what happened and stated that she would not be returning to work for Brown. Shortly thereafter, she received a text message from Brown telling her she was fired.

In one screenshot showing a series of text messages from June 29th, 2018, Brown wrote to Taylor:

“I jack my d**k on your back! Slept with u n bed! F**k your knowledge b*tch I been all pro before I even knew u! U hit me up online b*tch crying I didn’t hit u up! U never left my house since u had hotel u feel [sic] asleep on my couch!

F**k out of here my baby mama trick your dum a**! Blast me your a failure telling everybody u own a gym! What u gone blast don’t f**king write my phone lien [sic] b*tch thought it was easy to get a come up! Using God alias fake a** hoe u n ya momma thought y’all hoes had a come up f**k out of here don’t write my team.”

He continued in a separate message:

“Thanks for giving us control of your life for 3 weeks! Next time u n your momma plotting on a come up make sure u all hoes pick the right man dum a** hoes! Maybe somebody u Already f**king … Your momma controlling your life like she gone help the come up! You failed at gymnast u a nobody!

Me n [redacted] a laugh about this sh*t me busing on your back [laugh emojis] I’ll let him know when I’m bored! U a disgrace to lil girls u a failed gymnast living in the past at your momma house with your momma! Lucky I showed u around your welcome! My baby mama know a weak b*tch when she spot one u played yourself [laughing emojis]”

The lawsuit adds: “He further demeaned her in repeated text messages, calling her a ‘weak bitch’ and ‘dum [sic] ass hoe [sic].’”

Taylor says in her lawsuit she was “shocked and deeply embarrassed by this assault and his degrading messages” and immediately “cut off her working relationship with Brown.”

However, several months later, after Brown apologized and begged for her forgiveness in a text message, Taylor says she was “swayed by his assurance that he would cease any sexual advances” and agreed to start back working with Brown as his trainer.

Via the lawsuit:

In February 2018, Brown sent Ms. Taylor a message thanking her for help in the off-season and stating that he would love to continue working with her under the “right circumstance[s].” He also mentioned that unlike many of the other people that surrounded him, she had “a great heart and … cared” about him.

Ms. Taylor did not respond to his message.

Then, in early March 2018, Brown sent Ms. Taylor another message asking her if she hated him now. He went on to say: “I apologize first off with so much going on around me and my actions.” He asked for her to train him again, assuring her that things would be different.

Ms. Taylor agreed, but on the condition, which is reflected in writing, that Brown stop flirting with her anymore. She also required that he provide her hotel accommodations for each trip.

Two months later, on May 20th, 2018, after a night out in Miami, Taylor says Brown sexually assaulted her for a third time by pinning her onto a bed and forcing her face into a mattress before “forcibly” raping her while she screamed for him to stop.

Antonio Brown denied the allegations in a statement through his attorney.

Antonio Brown’s attorney, Darren Heitner, issued a statement on Brown’s behalf vehemently denying the allegations and claiming that the only reason Taylor is suing Brown is because he refused to invest $1.6 million into a “business project” of hers back in 2017.

Brown, however, did admit to having a “consensual personal relationship” with his accuser and he said she did visit his house on multiple occasions, including one particular late-night visit just 10 days after the alleged May 2018 rape incident.

Brown also claims the woman asked him for tickets to a Steelers football game in Winter 2018, and has posted numerous pics with him on her social media in an effort to benet from her association with him.

Brown ended his statement saying he will “pursue all legal remedies to not only clear his name, but to also protect other professional athletes against false accusations.”

Read the full statement below:

Antonio Brown learned today that he has been named in a lawsuit filed in federal court in the Southern District of Florida.

Mr. Brown denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit. He will pursue all legal remedies to not only clear his name, but to also protect other professional athletes against false accusations.

Mr. Brown was approached by his accuser in 2017, shortly after Mr. Brown signed a contract making him the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL. At that time, Mr. Brown was asked to invest $1.6 million dollars in the accuser’s business project.

Mr. Brown was not informed by his accuser that she had just been levied with a $30,000 IRS tax lien or that $300,000 of the $1.6 million so called “investment” was to be used to purchase property already owned by the accuser and her mother.

When Mr. Brown refused to make the $1.6 million “investment,” the accuser supposedly cut off communications with Mr. Brown. However, in 2018, the accuser resurfaced and offered to travel to Pennsylvania and South Florida to train Mr. Brown for the upcoming season.

Thereafter, the accuser engaged Mr. Brown in a consensual personal relationship. Any sexual interaction with Mr. Brown was entirely consensual.

The accuser not only traveled to Mr. Brown’s residences on multiple occasions, she traveled from Tennessee to Florida and returned at 2 a.m. to Mr. Brown’s residence ten days after the alleged assault.

The accuser continued communications with Mr. Brown throughout 2018, and even asked Mr. Brown for tickets to a Pittsburgh Steelers football game in the winter of 2018.

Mr. Brown’s accuser has continually posted photographs of Mr. Brown on her social media in an effort to financially benefit from his celebrity.

Mr. Brown, whose hard work and dedication to his craft has allowed him to rise to the top of his profession, refuses to be the victim of what he believes to be a money grab.

In May 2018, Mr. Brown’s accuser invited herself to join Mr. Brown and his friends, who were patrons at Miami adult entertainment clubs. After several hours of partying, Mr. Brown and his friends called it a night.

Instead of leaving by herself, as she had arrived, and returning to her hotel, Mr. Brown’s accuser solicited Mr. Brown to join her and return to Mr. Brown’s residence where the two engaged in consensual sex. Again, Mr. Brown denies all of the accuser’s allegations.

Brown’s attorney wrote on Twitter that NFL player “will leave no stone unturned and will aggressively defend himself, including exercising all of his rights in countersuits.”

Britney Taylor also released a statement through her own attorney.

Britney Taylor released the following statement through her attorney David Haas:

“As a rape victim of Antonio Brown, deciding to speak out has been an incredibly difficult decision. I have found strength in my faith, my family, and from the accounts of other survivors of sexual assault.

“Speaking out removes the shame that I have felt for the past year and places it on the person responsible for my rape. I will cooperate with the NFL and any other agencies; however, at this time, I respectfully request that the media please respect my privacy.”

Taylor is a former gymnast who competed at the college level at Central Michigan University, where Brown played college football between 2007 and 2009 before entering the NFL Draft in 2010.

According to her LinkedIn, Taylor also attended LSU (Louisiana State University) as a student athlete between 2012 and 2013.

Taylor now owns a gym in Tennessee where she trains young gymnasts.

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Antonio Brown’s Former Personal Trainer Accuses Him of Raping Her 3 Times

NFL player Antonio Brown has been going through it over the past week.

After last week’s drama with the Oakland Raiders, in which Brown allegedly called GM Mike Mayock a “cracker” and demanded he be released from the team before being picked up by the New England Patriots, now he’s being accused of rape by his former personal trainer.

Not just once, not even twice, but she’s saying that Brown raped her on THREE separate occasions. Yikes.

As they say, when it rains … it pours.

Via TMZ Sports:

The woman behind the lawsuit, who identifies herself as Britney Taylor, says she was hired by Brown as a personal trainer. Taylor claims the first incident happened in June 2017 during a training session when “Brown exposed himself and kissed [her] without her consent.”

“Later that month, Brown, while positioned behind her, began masturbating near her without her knowledge and ejaculated on her back.”

According to the lawsuit, filed in federal court in Florida, Taylor claims Brown bragged about the incident to her in “profane and angry text messages.”

Several months later, the accuser claims Brown reached out to her to express contrition and “begged forgiveness.”

Taylor claims Brown begged her to continue training him — and after initial hesitation, she ultimately agreed.

However, the woman claims on May 20, 2018 “Brown cornered [her] forced her down onto a bed, pushed her face into the mattress, and forcibly raped her.”

The woman claims she tried to fight back but Brown was “too strong and physically overpowered her.”

In the suit, the woman claims she screamed and cried throughout the entire incident — repeatedly shouting “no” and “stop.”

Brown refused to stop, according to the suit, and penetrated her, the woman claims.

In her suit, Taylor describes herself as a “28-year-old world class gymnast” who competed at “elite levels of international competition.”

These accusations are troubling, to say the least, and it will be interesting to see how Antonio Brown responds to the lawsuit.

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Wendy Williams “Wigologist” Quits Days Before Season 11 Premiere Amid Rumors Staffers Are Ready to Jump Ship

Just days away from the season 11 premiere of her daytime talk show, we have learned that Wendy Williams’ wig hairstylist, Robyn Michele has quit!

While it may not seem like a big deal, given that fans tune in to see Williams’ ever-changing wigs just as much as to hear Hot Topics, any shake-up to the host’s glam squad is notable.

Michele exclusively revealed the reasons and her decision to step down as Williams’ personal “wigologist” in an email to Page Six.

“Yes, it was my choice,” she writes. She goes on to say that the two parted ways on amicable terms.

“No, we do not have bad blood. We spoke and ended our conversation with an exchange of ‘I love you,’ and from there she let me know that she is here if I need anything and of course I replied with the same.”

It has been reported that several Wendy Show staffers are looking for new jobs out of fear the show is on the verge of cancelation due to Williams’ tenuous health issues, sobriety, and personal life.

A longtime co-executive jumped ship earlier this year and joined Tamron Hall’s upcoming show.

However, Michele says she did not leave due to behind-the-scenes turmoil. In fact, she says not privy to any of the gossip.

“No, I am not leaving for any reasons involving the show, or have any understanding of who else may have left and or why. I am looking to do other things within my career and have simply made a positive choice to exit in order to do so.”

Williams has already hired a new hairstylist for season 11. Dominic Santiago made the announcement on his Instagram. “New client,” he wrote.

Michele says she has left all of the custom wigs she made for Santiago to style. “[I’ll] continue to provide whatever support is needed,” she added.

Michele became Williams’ hairstylist in 2016 after her longtime wigologist and friend Antwon Jackson died after battling Lupus.

“Robyn is a great talent and we wish her nothing but the best in all her future endeavors,” a spokesperson for the Wendy Show said.

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DJ Akademiks Calls Nicki Minaj a “Demon” for Threatening Him and His Family Over DMs

While Nicki has beef with quite a few radio/TV personalities, some of her hottest fire is reserved for Joe Budden’s former co-host on Complex’s Everyday Struggle, DJ Akademiks.

If you don’t know DJ Akademiks, he’s a bit of a big mouth and while Everyday Struggle has since fallen on hard times, Akademiks is living his best life playing Fortnite season 10 and ranting about Nicki Minaj on Twitch.

You see, Nicki threw a few jabs at Akademiks during her dual interviews with Joe Budden her podcast, Queen Radio, and his podcast, The Joe Budden Podcast. And apparently, Akademiks didn’t appreciate that too much so he decided to AIR Nicki all the way out.

According to Akademiks, Nicki insulted him over DMs, threatened to sick her husband on him and questioned his intelligence.

“Nicki Minaj, in my opinion, in this moment, is unraveling,” said Akademiks. “This is why I exist. Because all the shit y’all do behind the scenes and think it’ll never bubble up is gonna bubble up. You don’t get to like be the ‘Oh, I’m just a sweet person’ and then you’re really like a demon behind the scenes.”

You can watch the whole thing below, but be forewarned … It’s a 15-minute rant.

In the video, Akademiks shows what appears to be screenshots of his convo with Nicki, but we can’t explicitly make the words out because the screen is kind of fuzzy.

But still, assuming Akademiks is right, if Nicki threatened bodily harm against him, that’s jarring. But given that she sent some laughing and crazy emojis, how much of the threats and mean DMs was just an act?

Akademiks also advises Nicki to “stop playing the woman card” with him because he’s an equal opportunity offender.

Some might call me a Barb for this, but if Nicki was just putting pressure on Akademiks for revenge, cause he’s been a jerk to her in the past, then it’s no big deal.

But if Nicki was really serious about pulling up at people’s addresses to whoop their asses for saying mean things, then she does need that break that Akademiks hinted at earlier.

In the future though, maybe Akademiks can avoid sparking his next rap beef in between Fortnite sessions? Seems a bit … childish.

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Teairra Mari Pleads Guilty to DWI, Slapped With Suspended License But Will Not Face Any Jail Time (For Now)

Teairra Mari has dodged any jail time after pleading guilty in her recent DWI case.

TMZ reports the Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood star entered a guilty plea on Monday (Sep. 9) in New York to one count of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence.

Though she won’t spend any time behind bars, Teairra’s license was suspended for six months and she must have a breathalyzer device installed on her car ignition for a year.

She has also been ordered to complete several DUI-related classes that will stress the importance of sober living.

Any failure to comply with the terms of her sentence could send her to jail for up to a year.

The case stems from a June incident in which Teairra was pulled over by NYPD cops when her car emerged from the Midtown Tunnel missing a front wheel and bumper dragging. She failed a breathalyzer test and charged with DWI

She was convicted of DUI in 2011 while driving in Los Angeles.

Teairra has been candid about her struggles with sobriety, even allowing an intervention and her decision to enter rehab to be documented on Love & Hip-Hop.

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Wendy Williams Says She Was the First DJ to Play 50 Cent’s Music & He Begrudgingly Invites Her to His Next Tycoon Party

The beef between Wendy Williams and 50 Cent is tougher than a well-done steak at T.G.I.Friday’s, but we might have just played witness to a breakthrough in their relationship.

While appearing on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live show, Wendy was asked to play the “Plead the Fifth” game, and Andy, being his messy self, used the segment as his prime opportunity to get Wendy to comment on her friction with 50 Cent.

Andy slyly brought it up by asking Wendy to say three nice things about 50 Cent. Despite the NASTY jabs 50 has thrown her way over the years, Wendy happily obliged and said:

1.) He’s good looking.

2.) She respects his hustle.

3.) She was one of the first people in radio to play his music.

That last one isn’t really a compliment about him, but more about praising herself for helping to “break him” into the music industry. But if you take it as her indirectly saying he made good music, you can make it work.

Watch the segment from Bravo below:

“I was one of the first people to ever play his music,” she said. “Matter of fact, probably the first, on a cassette on the radio where I got suspended for two weeks without pay because I used to be a renegade like that.”

Curtis quickly caught wind of the segment and in a seeming moment of appreciation, said that Wendy could come to his NEXT Tycoon party, presuming she’s invited.

That wasn’t the end of the fun though, as Fif jumped in the comments section to swat down some of the fans who trolled the interaction between the two and claimed that Wendy was sexually interested in him:

If Wendy and Curtis really can patch things up, that’d be nice. Especially if she really did ride for him at the beginning of his career.

But given the way Fifty’s petty is set up, I’m betting he won’t be a man of his word and will come up with SOME technicality for why he’s not letting Wendy into his next Tycoon party.

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Blake Griffin Savagely Roasts Caitlyn Jenner in Comedy Central Special: “No One in That Family Wants a White D*ck”

Woah! Blake Griffin just roasted the hell out of Caitlyn Jenner and burnt her to a crisp—in the best way possible of course.

Griffin and Jenner were among several celebrities selected to take hilarious low-blow shots at Alec Baldwin for his Comedy Central Roast. Though Baldwin was the special honoree, as customary, nobody on the dais was safe.

“On behalf of the entire NBA and half of the rappers on the Billboard charts, I want to thank you for giving your daughters their daddy issues!”

The NBA star’s jab was clearly a reference to Caitlyn’s famous daughters almost exclusively being romantically linked to athletes and rappers, as well as Jenner’s male-to-female transition in her 60s.

In case you need a refresher, Griffin dated Kendall Jenner back in 2017. She then moved on to another NBA player following their breakup.

Griffin didn’t let Caitlyn off the hook that easily though. His opener was so cringe-worthy, it immediately caught everyone of guard.

Luckily, his delivery was spot on and earned a round of applause, and a nod of approval by Baldwin.

“Caitlyn completed her gender reassignment in 2017, finally confirming that no one in that family wants a white d*ck.”

Finally able to live her best life, Jenner took all of the jokes in stride. She said:

“I’m not perfect. I’m a person trying to figure out my life, just like everyone else. All I want is for future generations of transgender people to know that if I can find the courage to be who I am, then you can too. If you have a problem with that, then you can suck my d*ck. If you can find it!”

The Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin will air on September 15th. It will also feature appearances by Robert De Niro, Adam Carolla, Chris Redd, Caroline Rhea, and Ken Jeong.

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XSCAPE Agrees to Release New Album With All Four Original Members on Board

XSCAP3 is taking a hiatus and XSCAPE reunites…at least according to Mama Joyce.

XSCAPE received the Urban Music Icon Award at the 2019 Black Music Honors last week. When the group brought their mothers onstage, Kandi Burruss’ mom—Mama Joyce—surprised the audience (and the group) by pronouncing they should release another album.

“They still have one album left,” Joyce said as the audience cheered. “The four of them, they started in my basement and I feel that they still have another album in them.”

Following the awards, the 90s R&B group spoke with the Atlanta Black Star and claimed they had absolutely no idea Joyce was going to make such a statement.

“Obviously she put us on the spot,” Kandi told the outlet. And even though she was the sole holdout from recording new music during their 2017 reunion tour, she now seems open to the idea—’cause her mama said so.

“I guess we gon’ grant her her wish. I didn’t know what to say but at the same time, she put it out there, my group members are here … we gon’ make it happen … we gon’ figure it out.”

Tiny Harris chimed in: “Yeah, when everybody schedule get together, we gon’ get in that studio.”

Mama Joyce also spoke with the Atlanta Black Star and pushed Kandi to re-join the group for one more album because their voices have grown since their last album in 1998.

“I feel like [Kandi] just need to get with them and they need to finish that one last album. They all got the voice,” she said. “They voice is just as good if not better today than it was back 25 years ago.”

After breaking up in 1998, all four members reunited to embark on a very successful nationwide tour in 2017. Though fans desired new music, Kandi was reluctant to do so because of past issues with the group and not wanting to “mess with our legacy.”

Following the tour, the three remaining members (Harris, Latocha and Tamika Scott) reformed as XSCAP3 and went on to release the EP, Here for It in 2018.

Given Kandi’s sudden change of heart, it’s hard to imagine Mama Joyce’s statement was as spontaneous as it seems.

In any case, the group has yet to make any further announcements of when fans can expect the new music.

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