Watch “The Next :15” Episode 5


“The Next :15” Season 1 Episode 5 aired on TV One Wednesday night (Mar 9).

Benzino and Claudia argue about Jennifer; New York reveals that she will not work on the talk show and the cast ask Karamo if he will take it over; and a disagreement between Claudia and Benzino intensifies at Karamo’s charity event.

Watch “The Next :15” Episode 5 (VIDEO) Here:

About the show (via TV One):

The Next :15 follows the lives of six reality stars long after their television debuts have come and gone.

Claudia Jordan of Real Housewives Of Atlanta fame is exploring new opportunities in the media world. Jennifer Williams is leveraging her stint on Basketball Wives into a co-hosting position for an online talk show. The Real World: Philadelphia‘s first out, gay cast member Karamo Brown is cultivating his career in broadcasting. Basketball Wives’ Laura Govan is exploring her creative side by authoring children’s books. Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta’s Benzino is balancing fatherhood and helming the ship of “Hip Hop Weekly,” and Flavor of Love’s Tiffany “New York” Pollard is spreading her sass and charm in the acting world.

The group decides to embark on a group project that will give each of them the opportunity to shine in their area of expertise, but all of these big personalities in one room are sure to cause conflict. Will they rise to the occasion and get things done? Or will they succumb to reality stereotypes and quickly see their 15 minutes of fame fade out?

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Watch “Mob Wives” Season 6 Episode 10 (Series Finale)


“Mob Wives” Season 6 Episode 10 aired on VH1 Wednesday night (Mar 2).

In the series finale, Karen attempts to mend her relationship with Karina. Later, Renee performs her final ballroom dance, Drita arranges a sit-down with Karen and Marissa, and Ang reveals disturbing news about her health.

Watch “Mob Wives: The Last Stand” Season 6 Episode 10 (VIDEO) Here:

About the show (via VH1):

For the final, emotionally-charged cycle, “Mob Wives: the Last Stand” returns the focus exclusively to where it all began – New York City. The Philly girls have left the building, and the ‘OG’ cast is back together on Staten Island, where they always keep it ‘one-hundred’ with each other. But amongst this sisterhood – could there be enemies within?

Since the series premiere in 2011, the women have created new lives for themselves as their loved ones do time for alleged mob-related activities. For each of these women, the struggle is real, and sometimes betrayal is a way of life.

“Mob Wives: The Last Stand” covers a particularly full range of stories: writing a personal tell-all, battling cancer and shuttering a beloved business, dealing with a rebellious teenage daughter, coping with a father’s imprisonment, calling out supposed friends for being fake, or being the new girl and having to prove that you’re authentic.

Despite the high-octane drama these ladies are known for, they are more than just their ‘reputed’ mob connections. They are mothers and wives, businesswomen and entrepreneurs, and for the last time, they’re putting it all on the line to survive. Complicating the situation even more, two local newcomers are about to make their presence known in no uncertain terms.

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Lil Mama Dragged on Twitter for Remixing Rihanna’s “Work”


Lil Mama woke up one day and decided it would be a good idea to recreate Rihanna‘s “Work” (feat. Drake), and homegirl really did it, and on top of that, released her own music video.

Via Rap-Up:

Over the Boi-1da-produced track, the Brooklyn spitter tries to add her own twist to RiRi’s No. 1 single. And in the meantime, she also lets fans know what’s in store this year.

“2016, got a lot of music droppin’,” she rhymes. “Tell the promoters we gon’ get the club poppin’ / If it ain’t about the money, then we ain’t talkin’.”

In the video, where she also uses Loaded Lux’s “you gon’ get this work” catchphrase, she recreates the feel of Bad Gal and Drizzy’s dancehall-themed music video, complete with choreographed dance moves.

The keyword in the above snippet from Rap-Up’s post is the word “tries.”

Lil Mama really tried it, y’all. And Twitter was NOT here for any of it:

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Keyshia Cole Allegedly Tried to Throw Cake & Eggs on Bow Wow’s Cars


For the past month or so, rumors have been floating around that Bow Wow is dating R&B singer Keyshia Cole.

So far we haven’t been able to confirm if the two are romantically linked, but a message Bow Wow delivered on Twitter today tells us that they were at one point indeed a couple, and things are no longer good between them.

Bow tweeted early this morning that one of his “exes” who is trying to get revenge on him threw a cake and eggs on two of his friend’s cars thinking they were his.

Today is Bow’s 29th birthday, so it’s obvious why “the ex” chose today of all days. That also explains the cake and eggs.

His friend Wackstar (whose car was caked and egged up) revealed who the bitter ex was when he blasted Keyshia Cole on Instagram for vandalizing his car.

Well damn. Just call her out, why dontcha?

According to TMZ, Keyshia is denying she was involved with the incident and she supposedly called Bow Wow out on Twitter for snitching.


Bow’s crew on the other hand are adamant Keyshia is the culprit and think she is retaliating for Bow ending their relationship, which we had no idea was a thing until recently.

Regardless of what happened, Bow isn’t letting a single soul ruin his special day.

We’re not saying Keyshia did it, but there was that one time she beat up a chick she caught at Birdman’s condo … so this isn’t too far-fetched.

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Tyga Roasted on Twitter for Calling Tupac “Dad”


Tyga has the whole Internet pissed because he thinks Tupac is his father.

The 25 year-old rapper recently posted a photo on Twitter of him and Pac both wearing Duke jerseys along with the caption “Dad.”

And as soon as he posted the pic, he was immediately roasted on Twitter:

In an effort to clarify his tweet, Tyga later explained to TMZ that Pac played a bigger role in his life than his own father, who is currently 25 years into a life prison sentence.

He also shared a letter his real father wrote him from prison and the response he gave him back.

Before signing off, Tyga posted a simple tweet about life.

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Kim Kardashian Pulls a Kanye, Fires Shots at Bette Midler, Piers Morgan & Chloe Grace Moretz on Twitter


Ripping a page straight out of her husband’s social media playbook, Kim Kardashian clapped back at Bette Midler, Piers Morgan and Chloe Grace Moretz on Twitter early Tuesday morning (Mar 8) after the three of them took turns slamming her for posting that nude selfie.

The “nude” selfie in question:

When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

She had nothing to wear, you guys. Absolutely nothing. Plus, this is an old photo, taken likely around the time she became pregnant with a Saint.

But that didn’t stop folks like Bette Midler, Chloe Grace Moretz and Piers Morgan (cool names, brah! THREE M’s!) from sharing their opinions on what Kim should and should not do with her censored naked body and social media pages.

Bette Midler kicked off the Kim K slander-fest with this:

Piers Morgan tweeted this:

Chloe Moretz retweeted Midler and followed up with this confusing set of tweets:

Is she for or against Kim? Was that directed at Bette or Kim? SO CONFUSING.

Anyhow, Kim must have taken it as shade because her clapback was pretty strong.

Of course the Internetz thought Kanye had hacked Kim’s Twitter, but Kim assured everyone that it was her fingers doing the Twittering, and no one else’s. In fact, she’s offended that you people don’t believe she’s capable of Twitter clapbacks:


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