5-Year-Old Girl Saved Her Blind Grandmother From a House Fire


A 5-year-old Louisiana girl is being praised as a hero after she used a lesson she learned at school to help save her and her blind grandmother from a house fire.

Back in October, Cloe Woods, a Pre-K student at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Kenner, Lousiana, went with her class on a field trip to the Kenner Fire Department, where they learned about fire safety.

“They talked to the kids saying if there was a fire you need to get out of the house,” her teacher, Brittany Gaillot, told WWLTV.

And it looks like Cloe was paying close attention too, because early Wednesday morning (Feb 17), while Cloe’s mother was out running an errand, the stove in their home caught fire and set off the smoke alarm, and little Cloe quickly sprang into action, saving her grandmother and herself from the fire.

Cloe’s mom, Shone Arceneaux-Woods, said Cloe hopped out of bed and instantly ran to her blind grandmother’s bedroom.

“She told my mom to hold her shoulder and that they had to get out of the house,” Arceneaux-Woods said, adding that her mom tried to stop and grab a pair of shoes, but Cloe told her, “Grandma, don’t worry about your shoes, the house is on fire.”

More via The Times-Picayune:

The fire broke out just before 7 a.m. Wednesday (Feb. 17) at the Gerry Drive home that Cloe shared with her grandmother, Claudia Arceneaux, 76; her mother, Shone Arceneaux-Woods, 39; and her brother Koy Moore, 14. Arcenaux-Woods had just left the house to drop her son off a few blocks away for morning carpool to Jesuit High School.

“They were both asleep when I left,” Arceneaux-Woods said of Cloe and her mother. But Cloe woke when she heard their home’s blaring smoke detector and realized there was a fire in the house.

Cloe led the way out of the house, with her grandmother holding on to her shoulder and their dog, Coco, trailing behind them. She then ran to the homes of several nearby neighbors asking for help and a bucket of water.

She learned that, too, from firefighters during her visit to the station house. “They let us bring water,” she said, referring to the firefighters who allowed the students to handle a fire hose.

Arceneaux-Woods returned home within minutes to see her daughter dashing down the sidewalk and her mother holding on to a gate.

“I pushed the door open, and you couldn’t see,” Arceneaux-Woods said, describing the smoke billowing through the house. “It was pitch black and you could see flames towards the right side.”

The accidental fire started on the stove and caused smoke and water damage to the kitchen and living room, according to Hellmers. But thanks to Cloe’s actions, no one was injured.

Arceneaux-Woods said she realizes the fire could have taken a tragic turn if not for her daughter. “I’m proud of her. I consider her our little hero,” she said.

Kenner Fire Dept. Chief John Hellmers said that the fire easily could have turned tragic, but thanks to little Cloe, it didn’t.

“She saved her grandmothers’ life and saved her own life,” Hellmers said. “It’s remarkable that Cloe didn’t hide, but took action when she heard the smoke detector activate, alerting her grandmother and insisting they go outside.”

Cloe and her family have been temporarily located to a hotel for about a week, and her school has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help them “recover from the loss of their home and personal possessions.”

Watch the video report (via WWLTV) here:

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Flossie Dickey Gives Zero F**ks About Her 110th Birthday … Or This TV Interview


Washington state resident Flossie Dickey is 110 years old, so you’ll have to excuse her if she isn’t particularly interested in her birthday or the cameras you keep shoving in her face.

“Good Day Spokane” paid a visit to the Cheney Care Center in the state of Washington on Thursday (Feb 18) to interview Ms. Dickey on her 110th birthday, and it’s clear that the supercentenarian was not here for any of it.

From the New York Post:

“Are you excited for your party?” anchor Nichole Mischke asks Dickey as the senior sips coffee from a “Good Day Spokane” mug.

“Not one bit,” Dickey replies. Mischke also asks Dickey how she’s feeling on her birthday. “I am tired,” Dickey answers morosely. “I take a nap as many times as I can.”

Dickey has three children, 12 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren and 15 great-great-grandchildren. When asked what the secret to living such a long life is, Dickey says: “I don’t know, I don’t fight it. I live it.”

Dickey’s caregiver, Kris Bahr, joins the pair for the remainder of the segment. When asked what Dickey’s like, Bahr happily responds, “She’s a jokester. Her favorite thing, according to her family, is to sit down and have some whisky, straight up.”

So, according to Flossie Dickey, the secret to a long life is:

1.) Naps
2.) Don’t fight it. Live it.
3.) Drinking whiskey (straight up, of course)
4.) Being so low on f**ks to give that the amount of f**ks you have to give are well into the negatives.

Watch Flossie Dickey’s hilarious interview here:

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Watch: Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000 Struggle Fight Ends Hilariously


The much-hyped Bellator MMA match between Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 ended up being a struggle fight between two fat guys who should just hang it up.

In the third round of what Uproxx Sports considers the “most confusing and worst fight in the history of fighting,” after Kimbo and Dada stumbled around for a bit, a clearly disoriented Dada essentially knocked himself out.

Yes, you read that right. HE KNOCKED HIMSELF OUT.

If you didn’t see it for yourself, you’re probably shaking your head in disbelief right now, so here’s the video for proof:



Via Uproxx Sports:

This was a fight that saw Kimbo Slice get gassed while in mount. This is a fight that saw both men stumbling, completely burned out from maybe 10 strikes thrown. It was truly unbelievable. As each minute passed, it got stranger. And then it ended in the only way it could ever possibly end.

Truly the best/worst fight in the history of all fights.

If you want to watch two fat, out-of-shape, street fighters turned MMA wannabes sloth around for 15 minutes, you can watch their full fight below:

This YouTube comment sums out the entire fight best: “What did these guys do to prepare for this fight, eat burritos and smoke weed?”

Keep scrolling for even more hilarious Internet reactions to the best/worst fight ever:

No, seriously… Were they sleeping?

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