R. Kelly Clowned on Twitter for Watching Kobe’s Last Game on a Small TV


The whole world tuned in to watch Kobe Bryant play the last game of his career Wednesday night (Apr 13), and the Black Mamba put on one helluva show that ended with him scoring 60 points.

A bunch of celebrities, including rappers Jay Z, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, etc. watched the game from their cushy courtside seats, but it looks like R. Kelly had to watch the game at home just like everyone else.

This is what the “Backyard Party” singer posted on Twitter:

Kellz intended to show the world, “Hey, I’m just like you, I’m watching Kobe’s final game at home on TV,” but he ended up becoming the laughing stock of Twitter after folks started clowning him for having a small ass TV on a big ass wall.

“Is that an iPad on your wall?” one Twitterer asked. “You’ve been kidnapped?” another Twitter user asked. “You in jail?” asked another.

After noticing the hilarious replies to his tweet, Kellz responded back, saying that he wasn’t watching the game at his house.

Still, who puts a TV that small on a wall that big? Such a terrible use of wall space, IMO.

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Tiffany “New York” Pollard Suffered Miscarriage 4 Months Into Pregnancy


On this week’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, it was revealed that Tiffany Pollard a.k.a. “New York” was pregnant with her first child.

While Tiffany seemed to be shocked and excited by the news, her mother Sister Patterson threatened to take her baby away from her after she gives birth.

But what we didn’t know is that Tiffany suffered a miscarriage four months into her pregnancy while she was still shooting scenes for Family Therapy.

Tiffany’s miscarriage also came weeks before she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother. According to UK newspaper The Sun, Tiffany spoke on her loss in unseen footage before she entered the house.

A source close to Tiffany told The Daily Star that the former “I Love New York” star is handling the miscarriage well, though it was extremely hard for her at first.

“She was understandably heartbroken when it happened,” the insider revealed. “It was a really tough time for her but she is a strong woman and she faced it with amazing courage.”

Tif’s friend also said she planned on talking about the ordeal while on CBB in an effort to inspire other women who’ve also suffered miscarriages.

The Sun also reports that close friends of Tiffany are concerned that her CBB”cast mate Kristina Rihanoff’s announcement to the house that she is expecting a child with her boyfriend Ben Cohen could possibly remind her of what she went through and make it hard for her to cope on the show.

“Tiffany was hoping her time in the house would take her mind off what has happened. But Kristina’s announcement is likely to bring back memories of one of the toughest things she’s ever had to deal with,” one source said.

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Karen “KK” King and Sons’ Attempted Murder Victim Speaks Out


The man who was almost killed by Karen “KK” King and her sons has spoken out about the 2012 incident which saw him kidnapped, brutally beaten and thrown into the trunk of a car.

The Kings have brought on a lot of attention to themselves by joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Like the old saying goes, if you want to keep the skeletons in your closet hidden, don’t do reality TV. (Okay, it’s not really a saying, but it should be.)

As we previously reported, KK allegedly had her sons Scrapp DeLeon and Sas, as well as four other men, kidnap and attack Lyndon Baines Smith (her ex boyfriend and Sas’ father) in Georgia.

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KK also allegedly ordered for Smith to be killed and his body to be dumped across the state line, but the group’s plans were foiled after Alabama police pulled over the car they were using to transport Smith in and found the man in the trunk.

Smith was reportedly taken to the hospital and treated for serious injuries, including multiple rib and facial fractures, and as a result of the attack, he is now blind in one eye.

Scrapp and Sas were arrested months later on charges of kidnapping with serious bodily injury and aggravated assault and battery, while their mom dyed her hair and went on the run, and was featured on “America’s Most Wanted” and 11 Alive’s “Fugitive of the Week.”


Karen “KK” King (real name: Karen Lynn King) was eventually caught and arrested in Florida the following year after someone called in to the America’s Most Wanted hotline and tipped off police regarding her whereabouts.

The charges were later dropped on account of lack of evidence, and the Kings were let off the hook. Now that they are showing up on TV every Monday night, their attempted murder victim is sharing his side of the story.

Smith also shared a couple of old photos of him with his sons.

In this photo, Scrapp is the oldest boy (on the left), Sas is in the middle and their younger brother Alonte — who was also involved with the alleged kidnapping/attack and arrested/charged — is on the far right of the pic.

And this undated photo shows Smith with Karen, Scrapp, Sas and Dolla (R.I.P.) back in their younger years. It looks like they were visiting him in jail.

FYI: Lyndon Smith is the biological father to Sas and Alonte, but not Scrapp. Smith said in a Facebook comment that Scrapp was 4 years old when he met Karen “KK” King.


By the way, shout to the “media outlet” that falsely reported that Lyndon Baines Smith was killed. Because he wasn’t. Dead people can’t use Facebook. Or, in the words of Lyndon Smith, “Dead man tell know lies!”

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